Picking the Perfect Kitchen Appliances: What’s New, What’s Next?

So, are you thinking about replacing your old kitchen appliances? Are you looking for an updated appearance with improved usability? Are you contemplating a total kitchen renovation to have your ideal kitchen that is well organized, well-equipped, comfortable, meets the needs of the people that use it? Appliance selection is a big part of that plan. My goal in this post is to give you some guidance in that process.

Interior Designers attend kitchen design forum by Jenn-Air

Designer friends at The Jenn-Air Designer’s Forum

I recently had the privilege of attending, along with several other designers from around the country,  The Jenn-Air Designer’s Forum: What’s New, What’s Next at the beautiful World Of Whirlpool showroom in Chicago. Located on the newly added 8th floor of the Reid-Murdoch building, with its 10 kitchens (with cooking labs and demonstration spaces) and 2 outdoor kitchens on the terraces. It is home to all examples of their brands (Jenn-Air, Kitchen-Aid, Whirlpool, and Maytag), all on display, to see, touch, and experience!

Site of kitchen design training

World of Whirlpool, Reid-Murdoch Building, Chicago

This two day experience got me thinking about my process to help clients select the perfect appliances for their budget and lifestyle. So, I thought I would share some of that here along with some new things I learned.

  1. The goals for kitchen planning have changed. We now live in an era of “complex simplicity”. Our lives are extremely complex. Cars, computers, and appliances are such complex pieces of technology. Gone are the days you could go to the local hardware store to get a part and some advise on servicing and fixing any of these yourself! Yet we look to these objects to meet all of our needs at the tap of a touch screen. We need simplicity to manage the complexity of life today. Take a look at this youtube video to get a glimpse of the future! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38
    First Kitchen-Aid mixer on display at World of Whirlpool

    First Kitchen-Aid mixer on display at World of Whirlpool

    Current Kitchen-Aid mixers on display at World of Whirlpool, kitchen design

    Current Kitchen-Aid mixers on display at World of Whirlpool

  2. When starting a new kitchen design, I ask my clients what they value, what activities take place in their kitchen, what has worked for them in the past and what is no longer working, what does their ideal kitchen look like? These questions help get to individual criteria for selections. For the vast majority of people it boils down to these issues: organization, well-equipped, and comfortable.

    Jenn-Air Floating Glass appliances, kitchen design, world of whirpool

    This kitchen is a study of minimal textures highlighting the reflective Jenn-Air Floating Glass appliances at World of Whirlpool

  3. So to meet these goals, look for appliances that are simple to operate, help you take control of your time (make life easier), are reliable, efficient, and make sense for the way you live and work.

     Jenn-Air Pro-Style and Euro-Style Stainless appliances, kitchen design

    Meticulously detailed Jenn-Air Pro-Style and Euro-Style Stainless appliances in demonstration kitchens at World of Whirlpool – beautiful!

  4. Do some research and talk to someone with experiential knowledge. This is where a kitchen designer or interior designer that specializes in kitchen design can be of great value. We stay current on trends and knowledge of what appliances are the best performers, and most importantly feedback from our clients.

    Jenn-Air Oiled Bronze appliances, kitchen design

    This kitchen highlights the beautiful warm finish of the Jenn-Air Oiled Bronze appliances at World of Whirlpool. Look at the Perimetric Exhaust Hood over the cook top (looks like a flat screen TV!)

  5. Explore new technologies such as induction cooking, microwave/convection ovens, and new ventilation systems.

    Jenn-Air wall oven with MultiMode Convection, Kitchen design

    This amazing wall oven set includes a microwave/convection oven. This thing is unbelievable in what it can do! We had great demonstrations by Chef Ann Nolan of beautiful food produced effortlessly in this revolutionary appliance!

  6. Bottom line, evaluate what is important to you, get information and advise you can trust, buy the best you can afford, and enjoy how your new appliances add a simplification to your complex life!


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