My Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere.

I have been working on the launch of my new web site, and it is finally done! In the process, I designed a logo for my company. The inspiration came from an architectural stone fragment I saw on a trip I took to Rome, Italy in 2007. I wanted the design to be something that communicated a feeling of timelessness. The classical elements I encountered throughout Italy continue to be a source of inspiration to me, but this fragment spoke to me in a special way when I came upon it. I just didn’t know why until I began on the path of my logo design.

Stone Architectual Fragment from Ancient Rome for interior design logo for Timeless Interiors Nashville Interior Design firm

Stone Fragment from Ancient Rome, Italy

So here is how it came about…

One day I was looking through my pictures from my trip to Italy, I came across the picture of the stone fragment, so I started to sketch it… I rendered it with marker… and it began to take shape.

Rendering of a Roman Stone Fragment for the Logo of Timeless Interiors, a Nashville Interior Design Firm

My Rendering of the Roman Stone Fragment

Working with my web designer and graphic artist, here is what we came up with as the final product!

Logo for Timeless Interiors a Nashville Interior design firm

Timeless Interiors Logo

I am so happy with it… I believe it conveys who I am about as a designer, and something about my approach to design and decorating.

My approach revolves around  always using classical elements. This is what, in my opinion, separated the timeless from the trendy. I believe it is fine and fun to use trendy items (colors, fabrics, some furniture) mixed in with classical pieces and designs. But the only way to avoid having a totally dated look in ten years is to decorate using classical  designs in architectural elements, furniture, finishes and fabrics. Design and decorating is time consuming and costly. I believe the more classical elements that are used in a space, the less trendy it will be and the more current it will look for many years to come.

I gain much inspiration from following and studying  great designers that use timeless classical elements in their designs. One of my favorites is Axel Vervoordt. His book Timeless Interiors was the inspiration behind the name of my design firm.

Timeless Interiors by Axel Vervoordt. Inspiration for the name of Timeless Interiors, a Nashville interior design firm


Another favorite is the work of Bobby McAlpine, along with Ray Booth and Susan Ferrier of McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier Interiors. I had the privilege of working at this firm with these great designers at the beginning of my design career. My work there  had a great influence on who I am as a designer today. Bobby McAlpine’s  book The Home Within Us is one of the favorites on my shelf.

Design book by Bobby McAlpine that influences Nashville Interior Designer


Another source of inspiration is Michael S. Smith and his book Michael S. Smith Houses. With its beautiful illustrations, Michael relates his approach and design process. I feel a kindred spirit with him in this approach to design.

Design book and designer that influences Nashville Interior Designer


Bunny Williams’ Point of View: Three Decades of Decorating Elegant and Comfortable Houses is a book of beautiful work and inspiring information on “Knowing what you value is essential” approach to design and decorating.

Bunny Williams' Point of View book of design inspiration for Nashville Interior Designer at Timeless Interiors


And the last I will share today is the inspiration of Suzanne Rheinstein through her book At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past. This beautiful book illustrates a simplicity, attention to detail and timeless quality pervasive in every room Suzanne designs.

At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past, a book by Suzanne Rheinstein of influence to Nashville Interior Designer from Timeless Interiors



So for now, that is a small glimpse into some of who and what is the inspiration behind my philosophy for my practice of interior design and living  … what inspires you?


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