Jennifer Markanich is a boutique interior design firm specializing in full-service interior design, project management, and purchasing services. Jennifer works on residential renovations and new construction projects nationwide.

She can assist you in creating the desired impact of an individual room or an entire house while helping you avoid costly mistakes, handling everything from start to finish. Known for custom interiors that blend comfort, function, and elegance into one, Jennifer will turn your dreams into reality. With meticulous attention to detail, she provides a stress-free process tailored to meet the parameters of each individual project.

Her integration of the entire process will ensure the integrity of the design, and ultimately protect the investment in your home.

My Process:

It all starts with getting to know you, your needs, wants, and dreams. Jennifer partners with you to express your true self through the design of your home. She will answer your questions before you ask them. It’s all about connection, communication, and vision. Design is a strategy to solve problems. It is equal parts science, art, instinct, and magic!

Her primary goal is to express your personality when designing any space. It is Jennifer’s mission to create a living, harmonious balance within the function of each space and the individual idiosyncracies of your personality and lifestyle.

I believe that every home should nurture the people that live there, provide a source of serenity and respite from the pressures of the outside world, and reflect the unique personality of the owners in style, comfort, and function. I believe this can best be accomplished through timeless designs based on classic design principles.


Keys to a Successful Project

First — Functionality. It begins with addressing the geometry of the space to have proper spatial relationships whether a remodel or building a new home.

  • New construction from conception to completion – Jennifer will work with your architect to have the plan of your dreams. Each room will accommodate how you want to live in each space and includes all that will support your lifestyle.
  • Renovations (including custom kitchens and baths) – Jennifer provides working drawings for as-built and demolition plans, new build plans, electrical, detailed custom cabinetry plans and elevations.
  • Individual room designs – Jennifer provides floor plans with your new furniture space plans.


Good design lasts. When the basics are beautiful, it will always be current and timeless.

Second — Determine your unique style characteristics. Together we determine architectural details and specific furniture and accessory needs for the project. We begin with an inspiration (a piece of art, a rug, a fabric, etc.) to be the model for everything we decide for your space.

What resonates with people at the end of the day are the memories and feelings a room brings to the foreground of our thoughts.

Third — Unifying selection of finishes. The project moves deeper into the soul of the space with color, texture, and pattern in finish selections. Coherency in design and flow from room to room is achieved.

Helping clients create the interiors and homes they long for, I see again and again that a more beautifully lived life begins with a more beautiful home. When we raise the aesthetic in a home, tremendous things can happen for the people living there.

Fourth — Installation! Layering with drapery, rugs, furnishings, art and accessories, your new space comes alive to bring you years of enjoyment and pleasure! The goal is to transform your living experience and aid you in living your best life, to bring your soul into your rooms, and for you to feel at home and at peace.

A well-designed room is like a good friend…compelling enough to draw you in, strong enough to lend you strength, warm enough to comfort you, and familiar enough to embrace your soul.